I am a software developer and graduate student!

I develop software for NCAR in the ACOM division. I work on improving the code quality of various chemical models alongside many other wonderful software engineers and intelligent scientists.

I’ve been a graduate student at Texas A&M pursuing a Master’s in Atmospheric Science since January 2021. I study the application of machine learning to estimate air quality with satellite data under my advisors Dr. Yangyang Xu and Dr. Ping Yang.

After graduating with my bachelors in computer science in 2018, I joined Capsher as a software developer. My development and professional skills grew in my time there. I was extremely happy with my job and thoroughly enjoyed the people I worked with. However, my passion for climate science drove me to purse a Master’s in Atmospheric Science so that I could contribute to positive, equitable climate mitigation and adaptation solutions. My work at NCAR supports scientists who do just that.